West Europe

Belgium - Holland - Germany - France
Arc de Triumph  Arc de Triumph - Paris - France Bernkastel - Germany  Beautiful typical German houses on Bernkastel's main square. Brussels - Belgium  Butcher's street is lined with fine restaurants - july 2006 Bruges- Belgium  Bruges is best explored over water on its canals.
Antwerp - Belgium  The cathedral of Antwerp was never finished its second tower. Dinant - Belgium  View from the citadel of Dinant. Brussels - Belgium  The Beurs - July 2012 Amsterdam - Holland  The famous "Walletjes" of Amsterdam -  april 2011
Antwerp - Belgium  The historical city of Antwerp. Brussels - Belgium  Every 2 year, the Grand Square of Brussels is turned into a massive flower carpet with a different theme each time - august 2002 Brussels Belgium  Volunteers are creating the flower carpet to be completed in just one day. In the background stacks of boxes full of flowers. Namur - Belgium  The city of Namur - August 2002
Brussels - Belgium  The flower carpet of Brussels - August 2002 Bruges - Belgium  Grand Square of Bruges - March 2002 Bruges - Belgium  Horses and carriages waiting for customers to have a sightseeing trip in Bruges - August 2002 Paris - France  Jardin de Luxembourg - August 2002
Paris - France  The Louvre museum holding the Mona Lisa painting  - August 2002 Brussels - Belgium  Manneken Pis - July 2006 Bernkastel - Germany  Souvenir hunting - August 2002 Marken - Holland  Tyoical dutch scene - the town of Marken - Holland
Paris - France  The Notre Dame of Paris - August 2002 Amsterdam - Holland  Typical dutch footwear - april 2011 Paris- France  Place de la Concorde - August 2002 Antwerp - Belgium  Taking a rest at historical Grand Square of Antwerp.
Paris - France  Does this landmark needs introduction ? Brussels - Belgium  The famous Atomium of Brussels, constructed for the 1958 World Expo. Antwerp - Belgium  Antwerp cathedral at dawn - March 2002 Brussels - Belgium  Brussels city hall with the flower carpet in the foreground - August 2002
Brussels - Belgium  Details of the Brussels city hall - August 2002 Brussels - Belgium  3 famous symbols of Belgium brought together : The waffles, chocolate and Manneken Pis. Belgium  Aerial view of Belgium's countryside Köln - Germany  The Dom of Cologne - July 2012
Rüdesheim - Germany  On top of the hill stand this great statue of Rüdesheim - August 2002 Paris - France  City view - August 2002 Versailles - France  The immense gardens of Versailles - August 2002 Düsseldorf - Germany  Düsseldorf party time - July 2012
Rüdesheim - Germany  Taking a cable car over the wine ranks of Rüdesheim. Rüdesheim - Germany  Sailing along the Mösel River - August 2002 Paris- France  People are watching sunset over Paris - Sacre Coeur - August 2002 Volendam - Holland  Dressed up typical dutch. I'm utmost left carrying the basket on my shoulder.
Traben - Trabach  Remarkable bridge. Trier - Germany  Historical evocation - August 2002 Versailles - France  Marble arches at the gardens of Versailles - France Versailles - France  The gardens of Versailles are truly romantic - August 2002
Antwerp - Belgium  Join the party of the Flemishl holiday at Antwerp Square - July 2011 Vlaamse feestdag-5  During the Flemish Holiday - its time the enjoy the good life - Antwerp - Belgium - July 2011 Brussels - Belgium  This is what Belgians are famous for. Enjoying a good beer - August 2002 Brussels Belgium  Grand Square of Brussels - August 2002
Buckingham Palace  Guard at Buckingham Palace - April 2019 Buckingham Palace  Royal horsemen in front of Buckingham Palace - London april 2019 Scenic vintage gallery  Beautiful decorated gallery in downtown London - April 2019 London Eye  The iconic London Eye changes colours continously during the night. April 2019
Parliament  The British Parliament - April 2019 The Parliament  The British Parliament - April 2019 London business district  The London central business district - April 2019 The Thames river  View of the Thames River - April 2019
The Parliament by night Millenium Bridge  View from under the London Millenium Bridge - April 2019 London  Strolling along the Thames boardwalk at night - April 2019 Tower Bridge  The Tower Bridge after sunset. April 2019