United States of America

Self-driving in the American West, enjoying The Sunshine State of Florida and get busy in Hawaii.
Palm Springs-1  Having a couple of beers at Palm Springs Hilton - July 1992 Lake Powell  Sailing on Lake Powell - July 1992 Grand Canyon  The Grand Canyon carved by the Colorado River in the state of Arizona - July 1992 Grand Canyon  Sunset on the Grand Canyon - Arizona - July 1992
Zion National Park  Zion National Park entrance - July 1992 Bryce Canyaon entrance  Bryce Canyon National Park. We enjoyed a helicopter flight above the beautiful canyons here - July 1992. Grand Canyon-1  A highlight of any tour to the USA - Grand Canyon - Arizona - July 1992 San Fransisco  Golden Gate bridge of San fransisco. We drove across it, we sailed underneat it and we walke over it. We did just did not jumped off it - July 1992
Death Valley  Hotter then hot here at Death Valley National Park - July 1992. Yosemite  Yosemite National Park - July 1992 San Fransisco  Golden Gate bridge - San Fransisco - California - July 1992 San Fransisco  Left to right : Luc van Gorp - Eddy Torremans - Pascal Willems - Luc van Wellen (r.i.p.) - July 1992
Manhattan  The motley crew with Manhattan at the background - New York - July 1992 Lunch  Lunchtime during our 3-week journey through the American West - July 1992 Maui  Driving along the coast of Maui - Hawaian Islands - July 1992. Hanauma Bay  Snorkelers Paradise of Hawai - Hanauma Bay - Oahu - Hawai - July 1992
Hanauma Bay  Great memories of our stop at Hanauma Bay - Hawai - Jully 1992 Manhattan  Manhattan - July 1992 Ellis Island  View from Ellis Island - New York - july 1992 San Fransisco  The Golden Gate bridge on a clear day - San Fransisco - July 1992
New York City  View from Empire state Building. The twin towers still standing at the background - New York City - July 1992 Los Angeles Universal Studios  5 famous stars - Universal Studios of California - July 1992 Disneyworld  Cinderealla's Castle - Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World - Orlando - Florida - August 1991 New Friends  My most famous girlfriend ever - Disneyworld - Florida - July 1992.
American lunch  Lunch the American way - Universal Studios - Florida - August 1991 Disney MGM Studios  Yet another amusement park in Orlando - Florida. Disney MGM Studios - July 1991 Clearwater Beach  Having a beer at Jack's Place inside the Adams Mark Resort and Spa - Clearwater Beach - July 1991. Jack's Place  We just performed "Help" by the Beatles - Jack's Place - Clearwater Beach - Florida - August 1991
Sunset Boulevard  Sunset Boulevard - Hollywood - California - April 2004 Los Angeles  View from Mull Holland Drive - Los Angeles - April 2004 Venice Beach  Venice Beach at sunset - Los Angeles - April 2004 Venice Beach boardwalk  Believe it or not, back in 1992 when I was here at the very same boardwalk, I met this strange fellow. Now, some 12 years later he's still performing here at Venice Beach and I met him again - Hollywood, California - April 2004