The Trobriand Islands - 2018

The Trobriand Islands revisited. 12 years to date, I returned to this tropical jewels of the Solomn Sea.
Arrival at Alotau  Whether you fall for the magnificent natural scenery and diverse cultural heritage, or the contrasts between the sleepy villages and buzzing cities, Papua New Guinea is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you. Alotau - December 2018 Alotau  This 2 lovely girls will decorate the living room, as I'm gonna make a big size canvas. I loved photographing these beautiful children in the rainforest of Alotau - December 2018 Alotau  Many tribes in the isolated mountainous interior have little contact with one another, let alone with the outside world, and live within a non-monetarised economy dependent on subsistence agriculture. Alotau - December 2018 Alotau  12 years ago, I was in Alotau and spend a couple of nights there to explore Milne Bay.This time, I spend just a day but again a day to remember (pictured : two of the lovely girls of the village) - December 2018
Alotau  Papua New Guinea is one of the most colourful if not the most fascinating country in the planet and it's my ambition to ever visit this wonderful nation again soon to include to extraordinary Sepik River Crocodile & Arts Festival. Alotau - December 2018 Alotau  A remote and still relatively undiscovered destination, Papua New Guinea is one of the few places left in the world where you can truly go off the beaten track. December 2018 Kitava  Kitava island and the other Trobriand islands are famous for their culture and huge yam gardens, which have cultural significance in tribal rituals. December 2018 Kitava  Lovely Girl at the small island of Kitava, one of the beautiful islands of the Trobriands. December 2018
Kitava  Donating a hundred balpens, to the teacher of a local school on the island. Kitava - December 2018 Kitava-6 Kitava-7 Kitava-8
Kitava-9 Kitava  The poverty certainly puts the western world's view of wealth and possessions into perspective. December 2018 Kitava  Young guy making his way to the shore, carrying a dozen of coconuts to sell on the beach. December 2018 Kitava  Life remains mostly as it has been over thousands of years with little external influence. The most visible sign of external influence are the western style clothes worn by the inhabitants. December 2018
Kitava  Once on the small island (see picture), you can enjoy swimming in the clear waters or go snorkeling. I found the coral to be really healthy and incredibly diverse. The coral is not far off the beach; as you move farther out, the water is clearer and coral most impressive. December 2018 Kitava  The "highway" of the island. December 2018 Kitava  One of a handful of motorised vehicles on the island. December 2018 Kitava  Surprisingly, there is decent pier being constructed. Ofcourse just witht the goal of attracting more cruise vessels. December 2018
Kitava  The MS Noordam at anchor. Speaking of contrast. December 2018 Kitava  Children pulling the local boat to deeper waters - Kitava - Trobriands - December 2018 Kitava  Friendly, gentle people, picturesque beaches with crystal clear water, inexpensive handicraft for sale all make for a great day on Kitava. December 2018 Kitava  Kitava truly is an intact tribal village where the people live a life unchanged for hundreds of years. They live in one room thatch houses without electricity or any regular contact with the modern world. December 2018
Kitava  Locals will take you across to a nearby island in home-made outrigger sailing canoes at a fixed rate of 5 Kina/person. (about 1 euro). December 2018 Kitava  Holland America is a great company to cruise the world seas. The majority of the crew are the ever friendly Indonesians and Filipino. December 2018 Kitava  The small island of Kitava in the Trobriand Islands has 7,000 inhabitants in three villages. December 2018 Trobriand Islands  It's a good idea to take some small donation for the school kids - they really appreciate it. Would love to go back to Kitava one day. December 2018
Kitava  The canoes are traditional and if you have mobility issues of any kind you will struggle to get on and off these - would be very easy to fall or twist an ankle on them. Kitava - December 2018 Kitava  Making the crossing to a nearby island. Kitava - December 2018 MS Noordam  The cruise ship MS Noordam. Picture taken from a local boat. Kitava - December 2018 Kitava  Group picture with the schoolkids of Kitava - December 2018
Kitava  The mainly dutch cruise staff collecting the kids at the beach for free icecream to everyone. A heartwarming initiative that was welcomed by hundreds of locals, adults and kids alike. December 2018 The Conflict Islands  Wel Kam to the Conflict Islands. Tok Pisin is a creole language spoken throughout Papua New Guinea. It is an official language of Papua New Guinea and the most widely used language in the country. December 2018 The Conflict Islands  Ah the Conflict Islands ! Sea, Sun and Sand. December 2018 The Conflict Islands  Refreshing in the tropical waters at the Conflict Islands while the sun blinds my eyes. December 2018
Kiriwina  The lovely residents of Kiriwina - Papua New Guinea - December 2018 Kiriwina  The MS Noordam cruise ship at anchor on Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Kiriwina  Beautiful decorated construction at the beach of Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018 The Trobirand Islands  I bumped into this group of kids while walking through the villages. Kiriwina - December 2018
Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands  At the beach of Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Oweria Village  The lady holding the picture is on the right at the picture while the lady on the left is the smiling girl. I took the image 12 years prior to this visit. - December 2018 Oweria Village  12 years back in time, I visited a school at Kiriwina Island. (see the girl holding the image). It was an exciting moment to visit the now grown up teenagers again. Images from my visit back then can be seen at the other Trobriands Gallery on this website. December 2018 Oweria  12 years ago, I took this picture of a group of dancers. The lady looking at the picture has now a photo of her passed away dad (bottom row, second from left). Oweria Village - Trobriand Islands - December 2018
Kiriwina  Getting ready to perform the sensual dances that makes the Trobriand Islands so famous. December 2018 Trobriand Islands  Nicely painted young performer at Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Trobriand Islands  Young girl getting painted by mom. - December 2018 Kiriwina  Lovely children at the island of Kiriwina - December 2018
Kiriwina  In the villages, the yams are again displayed before being packed into the highly decorated yam houses. (see construction on the right) Each man has a yam house for each of his wives and it is his wife’s clan’s obligation to fill his yam house. The chief’s yam house is the biggest, most elaborate and first to be filled. Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Kiriwina  Take rest with a cigarette. December 2018 Trobriand Islands  Little girls always wear garlands of fresh flowers on their heads. Kiriwina - December 2018 Trobriand Islands  Despite the Islands’ reputation as the ‘Islands of Love’, dance performances are in fact a rare instance in which Trobriand sexuality is on public display in an overt manner. December 2018
Trobriand Islands  In the Trobriand Islands, performances of traditional dance are perhaps the most emblematic of cultural expressions. Trobrianders are fiercely proud of the beauty and skill demonstrated in the bodies and traditional finery of dancers. Kiriwina - December 2018 Kiriwina  Dances performed by young children - December 2018 Kiriwina  The painted faces are always done by a family member, usually the mother. Kiriwina - December 2018 Trobriand Islands  The Islands has a reputation as the Islands of Love. December 2018
Kiriwina  Most of the Trobriand Islanders sport elaborate bracelets and necklaces, all of which are made from natural materials such as shells, stones and feathers. December 2018 Kiriwina  The back of the Trobrianders are decorated with coconut powder. Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Kiriwina  And as you'd expect from a place where free love rules the roost, conflicts on the islands, which are officially part of Papua New Guinea, are settled over marathon games of cricket in which even girls can take part. December 2018 Kiriwina  Beach scene - Kiriwina - Trobriand Islands - December 2018
Kiriwina  Having lunch - December 2018 Trobriand Islands  The ever friendly folks of the Trobriands. - December 2018 Kiriwina  Trobriander after chewing betel nut. December 2018 Kiriwina  Young men at the Trobriand Islands - December 2018
Kiriwina  Trobriand Islands - December 2018 Oweria Village  Happy to meet again with my firend, 12 years after date - December 2018 Oweria Village  Meeting with the guy who was in elementary school during my visit 12 years prior. (he's in the middle of the picture he holds). December 2018 Kiriwina  Kaibola, Milne Bay - Trobriand Islands - Papua New Guinea - December 2018
Kiriwina  Having some fun with the local kids which were not born yet when I first visited 12 years ago. December 2018 Kiriwina  A white visitor is called a Dim Dim. When I arrived on the island, the kids used to call me "dim dim". December 2018 Kiriwina  Selling fruits and handbags at the beach. - Kiriwina - December 2018 Kiriwina  Kiriwina island and the other Trobriand islands are famous for their culture and huge yam gardens, which have cultural significance in tribal rituals. December 2018
Trobriand Islands  The skirts worn by the girls are made from dried grass, while necklaces and bracelets are made from shells. Kiriwina - December 2018 Kitava  Kitava is one of the Trobriand Islands, an archipelago of coral atolls off the eastern coast of New Guinea. They are situated in Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea. December 2018 Kiriwina  The MS Noordam is a great way to sail the seven seas. - Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea - December 2018