Taiwan - The Heart of Asia

Three days in Taiwan representing the best of the Island in this Gallery.
taiwanese  Welcome to Taiwan - August 1993 Taipei - Taiwan  Visiting a remarkable building in Taipei (don't remember the name) - Taipei - August 1993 Taipei  Duck for sale - Taipei - August 1993 Taroko Gorge  The Taroko Gorge is a fantastic natural phenomen in the heart of Taiwan - Taroko Gorge - August 1993
Reading the paper  Reading the newspaper - streetside of Taipei - August 1993 Taiwan  Hanging bridge in central Taiwan - August 1993 Taiwanese Temple  Taiwanese temple in the heartland of the county - August 1993 Welcome to Taiwan  Welcome to Taiwan - August 1993
Pagoda at Taiwan  7 storey pagoda located countryside of central Taiwan - August 1993 Taipei  Taipei, the capital of Taiwani - August 1993 Taroko Gorge  This picture don't do justice to the spectacular beauty of the Taroko Gorge - August 1993 Taroko Gorge  Closer look at the road tunnels of the Taroko Gorge - August 1993