Japan - The Land of the Rising Sun

Discovering Japan by Train - Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Miyajima, Hiroshima and Osaka.
8-days touring The Land of the Rising Sun.  Kinkaku-Ji Temple aka the Golden Temple in Kyoto. Eye-blinding beautiful. 100% Zen. Arashiyama shopholder  Shopholder at Arashiyama - 21 December 2016. Arashiyama-18  Japanese culture - Arashiyama - Kyoto - 21 december 2016 Arashiyama-23  Lanterns at a forgotten alley somewhere in Kyoto - december 2016
Arashiyama-24  The famous bamboo forest of Arashiyama - Kyoto - december 2016 Bamboo Forest-5  Arashiyama Bamboo forest illuminations - Kyoto - december 2016 Arashiyama-28  Having lunch, the Japanese way. Kyoto - december 2016 Arashiyama-29  Fashionable ladies at Arashiyama - Kyoto - december 2016
Chureito-Pagoda-2  Chureito Pagoda at Kawaguchiko - december 2016 Arashiyama-17  Enjoying a quick meal - Kyoto - december 2016 Arashiyama-16  During a local festival in Kyoto - december 2016 Geisha-1  Nice dressed Japanese girls - Kyoto - december 2016
Geisha-4  Geisha wandering the streets of Kyoto - december 2016 Geisha-6  Another Geisha at Kyoto - december 2016 Arashiyama-19  Sweet smile - Kyoto - december 2016 USJ-22  Chrismas show at Universal Studios of Japan - Osaka - December 2016
Miyajima-3  Pagoda at Mijayima Island - december 2016 Hiroshima-1  The Hiroshima Castle constructed in 1590 - Hiroshima - december 2016 Hiroshima-6 (2)  On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped its first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. The Atomic bomb dome, Genbaku Dome, ruined building under blue skies. I could not skip to pay attention to this famous landmark. - december 2016 Hiyashiyama-1  Fushimi Inari Shrine at south Kyoto - december 2016
Hiyashiyama-5  Famous Temple of Kyoto - december 2016 Hiyashiyama-10  Byodo In Temple - Kyoto complex at Hiyashiyama - Kyoto - december 2016 Japan-2  Delicious train food - Onboard the Shinkansen train - december 2016 Japan-3  Breakfast at West Inn Fujiyoshida. Thanks for a delicious breakfast Rie Hayakawa - Kawaguchiko - december 2016
Kawaguchiko-1  The "must have" picture for anyone visiting Japan. This iconic view of Mount Fuji with the Chureito Pagoda in the foreground is THE reference of Japan. But you must be lucky enough to have this splendid view after you climb the 400 steps to the top, because often the volcano is hiding in the clouds. - Kawaguchiko - december 2016 Miyajima-1  Another famous landmark of Japan - Tori Gate at Miyajima Island - december 2016 Miyajima-7  Miyajima Island - december 2016 Miyajima-9  The Gujunoto five stories pagoda on the island of Miyajima - december 2016
Senso-Ji-5  Sensoji Temple at Asakusa neighbourhood of Tokyo - december 2016 Senso-Ji-7  New friends at Tokyo - december 2016 Senso-Ji-8  Friendly Riksja driver showing me the way how to get around in Tokyo - december 2016 Shibuya-2  Shibuya crossing, one of the busiest intersections of the world, criss-crossing a few thousand people every few minutes. - Tokyo - december 2016
Shibuya-4  Shibuya crossing - Tokyo - december 2016 shinjuku-3  Shinjuku street lights - Central Tokyo - december 2016 shinjuku-10  Tokyo is famous for it's "after work" drinking. Businessmen frequent the small backstreet alleys filled with petite drinking holes. - Tokyo - december 2016 shinjuku-12  Shinjuku at night - Tokyo - december 2016
Shinjuku-15  We had chosen to stay at the lilvely neighbourhood of Shinjuku while in Tokyo. At 8am we noticed young girls drunk as a donkey zig-zagging the streets of Tokyo. This was not a single time that we noticed this. A lively area indeed - December 2016 shinkansen  The fast boys - the famous bullet train "Shinkansen" which we used very often to get our ass moved from one place to another. It's airplane like style train offers luxury and extreme comfort and is your perfect way to travel Japan.- Tokyo Station - december 2016 Takeshita-Dori-2  Young school girls at Takeshita-Dori, a street made famous by young fashionistas and a great place to see and to be seen - december 2016. Tori-7  Fushimi Inari Taisha at Kyoto - december 2016
Miyajima-12  Beautiful 5-storey pagoda at Miyajima Island - December 2016 Kyoto-3  The author of this website during a thirsty moment - Kyoto - december 2016 Senso-Ji-10  Another example how to dress to impress - Kyoto - december 2016 Takeshita-Dori-3  The focal point of Harajuku's teenage culture is Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) and its side streets, which are lined by many trendy shops, fashion boutiques, used clothes stores, crepe stands and fast food outlets geared towards the fashion and trend conscious teens - December 2016
Tokyo-2  Kyoto scenery - december 2016 Tori-2  Dressed up ladies in the streets of Arashiyama - December 2016 USJ-18  Personality at universal Studios of Japan - Osaka - december 2016 Tori-3  Chatting in the rain - Kyoto - december 2016
USJ-3  Time for a quick snack - Universal Studios of Japan - december 2016 Tori-11  Entrance of the Tori Gates - Kyoto - december 2016 Tori-4  Portrait of a beautiful Japanese - december 2016 Tori-10  Famous Tori gates of Kyoto - december 2016
USJ-14  During our visit of Universal Studios at their 15th Anniversary in Japann the Reborn Parade - december 2016 USJ-16  The Reborn Parade of USJ - Osaka - december 2016 USJ-19  Heya, it's christmas in Japan - Osaka - december 2016 Hiyashiyama-3  Hiyashiyama Temple Complex - Kyoto - december 2016
Kawaguchiko-4  Mount Fuji - Kawaguchiko - December 2016 Miyajima-13  Miyajima Island - december 2016 Senso-Ji-13  Senso-Ji Temple - Tokyo - december 2016 USJ-13  Universal Studios of Japan - Osaka - December 2016
USJ-39  The Brnad New Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios of Japan - Osaka - December 2016 USJ-53  Hotel Entrance - Osaka - december 2016 USJ-54  Osaka's Universal City Walk - December 2016 USJ-62  Fantasy show at night in Universal Studios of Japan - december 2016