Wonderful Indonesia

A journey through Indonesia spreaded over 2 decades visits (so far)
Medan Sumatra  Welcomed by a family at Medan - Sumatra - July 1995. Flores Island  The island of Flores, between Sumbawa and Timor consists of volcanoes and mountains dividing it into several distinct regions with individual languages and traditions. I was welcomed by a crowd of youth when I stepped on land - I'm in the middle front. - August 1996. Balinese priest  Balinese priest - December 2011. Wonderful Indonesia  Beautiful Lake Bratan and its temples - Bedugul - December 2011
Bali  Lake Bratur remains some of the most prettiest sights in Bali - December 2011. Rice fileds  Farming rice fields - Indonesia - december 2011. Meditation  Meditating in Bali Komodo varans  Komodo varans on Komodo Island - August 1996
Flores Island  Enjoying fresh coconut - Flores - August 1996. Tana Toraja  Typical Toraja homes - South Sulawesi - August 1996. Medan, Sumatra  Taxi in Medan - Sumatra - July 1995. Jakarta  Sunda Kelapa harbour - Jakarta - August 1996.
Komodo Varan  The endangered Komodo varan is the world's largest lizard. A male can be as long as 8.6 feet. It is a good swimmer and moves quickly. Lives exclusively on the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Flores, and a few lesser known in the archipelago. - August 1996.