Varanasi  Enjoying the Holy River Ganga - Varanasi - India - April 27, 2008 Varanasi  Rowing on the River Ganga by dawn has something truly magical, the lights, the sounds, the smell - April 27, 2008 Varanasi  The Panchkoat Ghat was built by the king of Madhya Pradesh in 1915, and the Chet Singh Ghat was built by King Chet Singh, who fought a fierce battle against the British troops of Warren Hastings at this place. Niranjani Ghat has a historical connection with king Kumaragupta, and is famous for its Kartikeya temple - Varanasi April 2008 Varanasi  At 5 am, this is the view you'll get from Varanasi riverside - India - April 27, 2008
Varanasi  Early morning fisherman on the River Ganga - Varanasi - April 27, 2008 Varanasi  Varanasi has been a great center of Indian philosophy, spiritualism, Ayurveda, Yoga and mysticism - Varanas - April , 2008 Yoga class  The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "Yog", which means "unity" or means to join - Varanasi - April 2008 Yoga class  At Varanasi, there is a great tradition of Yoga learning and this continues even to this day - Varanasi - April 2008
Varanasi - India  The land of Varanasi (Kashi) has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus for ages - Varanasi - April 2008 Ganga Ghats  It is the Ganga Ghats of Varanasi that complement the concept of divinity. Ghats of Ganga are perhaps the holiest spots of Varanasi - April 2008 Varanasi  The Ganga Ghats at Varanasi are full of pilgrims who flock to the place to take a dip in the holy Ganges, which is believed to absolve one from all sins - April 2008 Varanasi  Taking a bath at Assi Ghat - Varanasi - India - April 27, 2008
Varanasi  An Indian wedding on the River Ganges - April 2008 Varanasi  There are more than 100 ghats along side Ganga in Varanasi - April 2008 Indian Bride  Sanskrit is not only a classical language but also a repository of Indian cultural heritage. Sanskrit is the most ancient among the languages of the world. Its storehouse of knowledge is unrivaled and one of the most invaluable treasures of the world - Varanasi - April 2008 Indian Bride  The picture of this Bride looking straight into the lens of my camera is among my favourits ever - Varanasi - April 2008
Varanasi  Varanasi is the most popular pilgrimage place for the Hindus. The rich cultural heritage and tradition of Varanasi makes it the cultural capital of India - April 2008 Varanasi - India  By virtue of its religious and cultural importance, Varanasi is abuzz with fairs and festivals all round the year - April 2008 Varanasi  River Ganga or the Ganges is a major river of the Indian subcontinent, associated in myth and reality with the land and people of India as well as neighboring countries like Banglades - April 2008 River Ganges  In Hinduism, the river Ganga is personified as Goddess and holds an important place in the Hindu religion - April 2008
River Ganges  It is at the Ganga Ghats where we see life and death together. People got cremated along the river banks, got married, taking a bath and as seen here on this images doing laundry as well - April 2008 Varanasi - India  Situated in the flat Ganga plains, Varanasi has a good network of roads. frequent public and private buses and road transport to all the major towns of Uttar Pradesh and nearby areas - April 2008 Varanasi  Some of the prominent and popular Ghats at Varanasi are the Dasaswamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Harischandra Ghat, Kabir Ghat and Assi Ghat - April 2008 Varanasi  For centuries, Varanasi has been home to Indian philosophy, mysticism and spiritualism. Varanasi, therefore, has numerous Muths and Ashrams - April 2008
Varanasi  Night Puja in Varanasi - April 2008 Varanasi  Welcome to a new day in Incredible India - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 River Ganges  For thousands of years people have been thronging these Ghats to offer their morning prayers to the rising sun - April 2008 River Ganga  Sunrise above the magical Ganga River - April 2008
Ganga River  Taking a morning bath - April 2008 Varanasi  Each day I met these girls, they were trying to sell me some candle. The both were delighted when I gave them a box of Belgian chocolates - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 River Ganga  3 fishermen probably have three times more luck to catch fish then one - River Ganga - April 2008 Yoga Class  It’s because since the ancient times, people from all parts of the world have been coming to Varanasi to learn philosophy, Sanskrit, astrology, modern sciences and social science but also taking Yoga classes - April 2008
Varanasi  A Sadhu in Varanasi - April 2008 Yoga Class  Yoga class at one of the more popular ghats along the River Ganga - April 2008 River Ganga  Time for a smoke - Varanasi - April 2008 Varanasi  Indian priest at one of the many Ghats along the River Ganges - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008
River Ganga  Meditating on the river banks - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 River Ganges  In Hindu mythology, it is believed that bathing in the river Ganga causes the remission of sins and facilitates the attainment of salvation or nirvana - April 2008 Varanasi  Saddhu, or Holy man near the Ganges River - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 Varanasi  According to the Hindu mythology, Varanasi liberates soul from human body to the ultimate. It is the Ganga Ghats of Varanasi that complement the concept of divinity - Varanasi - April 2008
Varanasi - India  Dancing along the Ganges - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 River Ganga  Rowing on the magical Ganges at dawn is like being in a live fairytale - April 2008 Varanasi  Cremations, ceremonies, laundry, taking bahts, practise yoga, just hanging out and weddings...all takes place along the river Ganges and often all at a time - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 Varanasi  There is also time to enjoy on the river banks of the Ganga - April 2008
Varanasi - India  Full force blewing his instrument - April 2008 Varanasi  What are Ghats ? These are a very special type of embankments that are actually long flights of wide stone steps leading down to the river where people can take a holy dip. But there are more to these Ghats than just bathing and cremating. Each of the eighty-four Ghats of Varanasi holds some special significance - April 2008 Varanasi  Holy Saddhu leaving a temple - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008 Ganga River  young girls taking a swim in the Holy River - Varanasi - India - April 28, 2008