China 2017

Exploring some of the National Parks of Zhangjiajie, Chengdu, Fenghuang and more.
Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge  The bridge bottom is paved with transparent glass, to give visitors a feeling of extremely thrilling and a better perspective of sightseeing. Fenghuang  Fenghuang Ancient town at night. June 10, 2017 Emei Mountain  Temple at the Emei Mountain, about 100 kms away from Chengdu - China. June 12, 2017 Emei Mountain  Waterfall at Emei Mountain Park - China. June 12, 2017
Fenghuang  Fenghuang ancient town. June 10, 2017 Emei Mountain  Beautiful waterfall near the entrance of Mount Emei - China. June 12, 2017 Mount Emei  Emei Mountain park - China. June 12, 2017 Fenghuang  Fenghuang is Chinese for 'Phoenix', the mythical bird of good omen and longevity that is consumed by fire to be re-born again from the flame. June 10, 2017
Fenghuang girls  Chatting girls in the streets of Fenghuang - China. June 10, 2017 Fenghuang nightscene  Fenghuang County is a county of Hunan Province, China, it is under the administration of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. June 10, 2017 Fenghuang  Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town, an old town built up in Qing Dynasty, is still being kept in its original appearance with 300 years passed. June 10, 2017 Emei Mountain  Small pavillion at Emei Mountain park. June 12, 2017.
Fenghuang at night  Ancient town of Fenghuang by night. Fenghuang  As a photographer's paradise, I loved to hang out here along the riverside at Fenghuang Ancient town. June 10, 2017 Fenghuang  At night, the bridges and buildings are nicely lit. However, I must say that this is the case in most of Chinese towns and cities across the nation. June 10, 2017. Fenghuang by night  Interesting shot from the roof of a local home at night. Fenghuang - China, june 2017
Fenghuang Sampan  Typical chinese boat. Took this photo just before darkness. I love the lights.  Fenghuang - June 10, 2017 Minority village  Huayao minority village around Xiaoshajiang - China - june 2017 Leshan giant buddha  The remarkable Leshan Giant Buddha (Da Fo) was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site together with Mount Emei in 1996. June 12, 2017 Minority village  Unexpectedly, we made a stop at this village on the way from Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang. June 10, 2017
Minority  Beautifully decorated Miao girl at Fenghuang ancient town. China - June 10, 2017. Miao girl  A Miao girl posing in Fenghaung town. Miao Girls  Surprised to see this white foreigner at this side of the planet. June - 2017 Minorities  Take a rest along the river of Fenghuang. June 11, 2017
Fenghuang  A couple of Miao dressed girls calling their loved ones. Fenghuang - june 2017 Miao girls  During my visit to the Sister's Meal Festival (see other photo gallery) 2015, I noticed many pretty Miao girls. But I was surprised to see them back again here at Fenghuang. June 2017 Zhangjiajie National Park  Near Baofeng lake - China.  Zhangjiajie National Park. June 2017 Fenghuang Pagoda  Magical Pagoda in Fenghuang Ancient Town.  June 11, 2017
Giant Panda  The Giant Panda Breeding reserve of Chengdu is world famous. June 13, 2017 Tianmen Mountain Glass bridge  About 1500 meters above sealevel, one can walk on a glass plank constructed at the mountain. June 8, 2017 Cool dude  Take a rest with a cigarette - Wullinyuan. Minority village  On the way to Fenghuang, I made a short stop to visit this pretty village. June 10, 2017
Emei Mountain  Covered by green vegatation, I found this lifesize statues very intruiging. Mount Emei National Park. Chengdu  Giant Panda's nutrition exists of bamboo. Chengdu - China. June 13, 2017 Tianmen Mountain  Not for the faint hearted, to walk on this glass plank some 1500 meters above sealevel. Tianmen Mountain  The stunning views including 'Heaven's Door' and the 99 Bends, vertical cliffs, the thrilling cliff-hanging walkway and glass skywalk, and the world's longest cable car ride, make it unquestionably one of the best mountains to visit in China. Come, climb the 'Stairway to Heaven'! June 9, 2017
Tianmen Mountain  The road leading up to Tianmen Mountain. June 8, 2017 Tianmen Mountain  It takes exactly 99 bends to reach the top of Tianmen Mountain at Zhangjiajie National Park. June 2017 Wullinyuan  The ‘Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi show’ is a platform for the folk artists to display their talent and also displays the rich culture of the local community. June 8, Wullinyuan. Zhangjiajie National Park  With 7550 meters in length, the Tianmen Shan cable car is the longest in the world , Zhangjiajie, China. June 9, 2017
Zhangjiajie National Park  Zhangjiajie National Park where the movie Avator was partly shot. June 9, 2017 Chengdu foodshop  Food vendor in the streets of Chengdu. June 13, 2017 Chinese vehicle  I love trying out these funny chinese vehicles. Near Baofeng Lake - China. June 2017 Cool vehicle  I wish I could bring one of these to home. Easy to park and very flexible - Mount Emei parking lot. June 12, 2017
Zhangjiajie National Park  Zhangjiajie National Park selfie. June 10, 2017 Zhangjiajie National Park  Not sure what it means...someone translate please. Tianmen Mountain  Suddenly the sky cleared up; walking the glass plank attached to Tianmen Mountain. Note the special foorwear that has to be worn during the walkover. June 9, 2017 Roadside breakfast  Enjoying breakfast with my driver at a roadside restaurant on the way to the airport. June 11, 2017
Minority village  Rather small wind and rain bridge to enter the minority village. June 10, 2017 Minority village  Very funny, as this tourguide did not speak any english while myself just a couple of words of chinese. She used her smartphone to translate comment. There's always a way out !  June 10, 2017 Tianmen Mountain  Walking 1500 meters above sealevel, wearing special shoecovers on the glass plank. Hong Kong  Hong Kong never fails to impress, even after 4 times so far that I went up this magnificent view from Victoria's Peak. June 2017.